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At Dimensional Roofing & Diagnostics, we understand the love and care that goes into a home. Even more so than work being done to an office building, the work being done on our home is more emotional and personally involved. With that being said, we take pride in always listening to our customer’s desires and needs, as well as working with care and cleanliness.
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Residential Roofers Austin Residential Roofers Austin
Our factory trained sales representatives are so much more than sales people. They are true Project Planners that are there to guide you through the various products and details that will get you the results you want. We know that a company’s work is only as good as the crew installing it and tight communication with the crew is paramount. There are many roofing companies that can install a roof for you, but all roofs are not equal! It is vital that the details, such as proper flashing, underlayment and ventilation are installed correctly. A Dimensional roof includes custom flashing, factory specified installation procedures and effective ventilation. All of which are critical to a watertight roof and energy efficient home.
Just like a new luxury sedan or a custom built home, our roofs come with different models as options and loaded with bells and whistles!

  • Dimensional Standard – This is our baseline package that includes only accessories that meet the Dimensional Standard!
    Includes your choice of roof product over a standard underlayment, drip edge, lead pipe-jacks, passive ventilation, and painted accessories.
  • Dimensional ProShield – This package is our Leak Fighter as it includes a high-grade storm shield at all high risk areas and powerful active ventilation!
    Includes your choice of roof product over an upgraded underlayment, Ice and Storm Shield in the valleys and around penetrations, powered ventilation, lead pipe jacks and painted accessories.
  • Dimensional ProWatt – This package is our Green Roof as it includes the highest grade solar powered ventilation on the market as well as a heat stopping radiant barrier custom selected just right for your home! These accessories are designed specifically to save you money through energy efficiency and qualify for numerous tax incentives. Energy Star Approved.
    Includes your choice of High Reflective roof product, solar powered ventilation, radiant barrier in your attic, drip edge, lead pipe-jacks and painted accessories.
  • Dimensional ExecutiveElite – This dynamic roof option is Dimensional Roofing & Diagnostic’s Flagship system, complete with the highest grade of ALL of the bells and whistles. When investing into your home’s first line of defense is not option, this package pulls out all of the stops.
    Includes your choice of premium-grade roof product, premium-grade solar powered ventilation, premium-grade ice and storm shield, premium grade radiant barrier, premium-grade drip edge, lead jacks and painted roof accessories.
These package options are designed to make your next roof purchase made easy by allowing you to achieve a specific goal from your roof system. They are always customizable to suit your family and home’s personal needs.
Our Premium-Grade solar powered attic fans are made by Attic Breeze. These fans are the strongest, most powerful fans on the market and come with a Lifetime warranty covering the motor, solar panel and housing. (The only attic fan on the market that does) In Texas heat, these fans will pay for themselves fast as they move over 1550 cubic feet of air per minute and come equipped with a thermal switch that will turn the fan on every time the attic reaches a certain temperature. Defined as “qualified photovoltaic equipment”, our solar attic fans and commercial ventilation products will offer customers between 30-80% in incentives depending on location.  Please note that all customers qualify for the federal tax credit of 30% on both the purchase and installation cost of any Attic Breeze® solar attic fan or commercial solar powered ventilation product.
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