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Why You Should Be Getting An Infrared Roof Inspection

Infrared Scanner Pointed At Snowy Roof

An Infrared Roof Inspection Is A Noninvasive Way To Inspect Your Roof For Leaks

Unlike manual roof inspections where roofers physically walk on and inspect your roof, an infrared roof inspection uses drones and heat-seeking technology to find leaks and other problem areas in your roof in a traffic-free roof inspectionUsing portable infrared scanners or drones, the thermal imaging cameras are able to find leaks more accurately than human eyes. This is beneficial for tricky or complex roofs that roofers could have a hard time getting to and deeply inspecting. With the help of an infrared scanner, even the most hidden spots are scoured to help spot any moisture build up. If you are interested in getting an infrared roof inspection for your Austin, TX home, call the roofers at Dimensional Roofing and Diagnostics at (512) 402-8528 to schedule an appointment.

Benefits of Having an Infrared Roof Inspection

  • Quickly and accurately evaluate roof
  • Don’t need to tear up the roof a little bit in order to identify wet spots like with manual inspections
  • Thorough but non-invasive and eliminates the guesswork of a manual roof inspection
  • More cost effective than physical inspections
  • Can spot unseen and trapped moisture spot that can lead to rotting wood or sinkholes that a roofer can fall into if manually inspecting the roof
  • Many insurance companies and roofing manufacturers require thermal imaging inspections to protect your warranty
  • Can be performed in both cold weather and hot weather
  • Can also see through walls and floors, which could identify other leak-related problems like mold or a slab leak