Advantages and Disadvantages of Tile Roofing

Every kind of roof has its own set of benefits and limitations. If you are getting a new roof or having a roof replacement, it is advisable that you get knowledge about the kind of roof you are planning to get installed. Many people today like to get the tile roofs. However, you should check both sides of the coin before getting these installed.

Some of the benefits of a tile roof are:

  1. They last very long. Some Austin roofers are of the opinion that these last more than 5 years. However, you should be careful about the kind of roof that is going to be used by your roofing contractors Austin.
  2. They give a different sense of style and uniqueness to the house or office. In fact it is said by many roofers Austin that they are the most stylish choice.
  3. Tile roofs do not catch fire and also do not allow insects to infect the roof.

Some of the limitations of tile roofs are:

Tile roofs are said to have the maximum amount of weight as compared to the other kinds of roofs.

  1. Tile roofs break easily. Even walking on them can risk the breakage factor. Hence, for a roof repair in Austin you will have to contact a professional only. You cannot think of doing them yourself.
  2. Maintenance is very important with tile roofs, especially the underlayment.
  3. Tile roofs are the most expensive ones as compared to the other kind of roofs available.