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We Provide a Variety of Commercial Roof Repair Services, Including Replacements.

When you need roof repair services, you want to know that the roofer you employ is not going to take advantage of the situation. Dimensional Roofing and Diagnostics is the company to go to for reliable roof repair services in Lake Brownwood, TX. Our goal is to offer our clients the finest roof repair services available. One way we maintain this goal is by installing only the strongest roofing materials from the highest ranking manufacturers. The roofers we hire to work here are the finest, most reliable roofing contractors who understand how to correctly attach a variety of commercial roofing materials. For those moments when you need a commercial roofer for minor roof services, our office is here for you. Contact (512) 402-8528 if you’re interested in employing an honest, reliable roofer who will take care of your  commercial building.

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Flat Commercial Roof Installation

We Offer the Finest Commercial Roofing Materials in the Industry.

If you need a commercial roofer in your area, Dimensional Roofing and Diagnostics is here to help. We offer many different roof repair services for many types of commercial roofs. Let us complete an inspection to find out if you need repairs, a replacement or if a roof restoration will repair the issues on the roof. When we inspect your roof, we are committed to communicating to you all the facts you need to make the best decision for your roof. The roofers on our staff know how important it is to treat our clients with the best care. We offer honest roofing at affordable prices because we know the important role your roof plays in your  business. We are here to help keep your business running smoothly. Contact our staff right away at (512) 402-8528 to schedule an appointment.

Part of our commitment to our customers is to provide them powerful roofs. This is why we are excited to be able to install a variety of metal roofing products. Metal is one of the most powerful roofing materials that can endure very strong storms. Metal can be installed on commercial roofing systems. Upgrading your asphalt or concrete tile roof to metal roofing materials is a good decision that will improve the worth of your office building. You can install a metal roof in several different hues and metals. Think about purchasing steel or aluminum when you need a metal roofing system that is both durable and beautiful. Metal shingles offer the aesthetic of traditional shingles with twice the durability. Contact our staff at (512) 402-8528 to set up an appointment to attach metal roofing in Lake Brownwood, TX.

Commercial Roofing

Commercial Roofing

When your commercial roof is showing signs of damage, do not wait until other parts of your business have been seriously damaged to call a commercial roofing company. Dimensional Roofing and Diagnostics has been proudly serving commercial building owners for several years now. Whether you need simple repairs, a total roof replacement, or are interested in learning about the benefits of a roof restoration, we’re here to help. We offer services for all styles of commercial roofs. Contact our staff at (512) 402-8528 to schedule your next commercial roofing appointment.

Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing

When the time comes to upgrade your old roofing materials, metal roofing is always a great option. A metal roof is a strong material that offers a bold appearance appearance for your business. Whether you’ve got a commercial roofing system, metal roofing is an excellent choice for any roof. There are many different metal roofing options on the market for you to pick from. If you want to set up a consultation to find out if a metal roof is best for you, call Dimensional Roofing and Diagnostics at (512) 402-8528.

Single Ply Roofing

Single Ply Roofing

Single ply roofing membranes are some of the finest flat roofing products. Single ply roofing provides your business a reliable, durable, roof that is highly leak resistant. Many of these roofing materials are also heat resistant, which can improve the energy efficiency of your building.  Our company is dedicated to making sure you get the best possible roofing membranes, which is why we work with the leading roofing manufacturers. When you are interested in learning more regarding the advantages of single ply roofing for your business, call our staff at (512) 402-8528. We are here to make certain you get a dependable, durable roofing system.

Roof Restoration

You may believe that the only way to repair your failing commercial roofing system is to have it replaced. A roof restoration is an excellent substitute for a full blown replacement. Roof restorations involve applying a liquid coating to the roofing materials. These coatings close up the cracks in your roof and will prevent additional damage to your roofing system later down the road. Give Dimensional Roofing and Diagnostics a call at (512) 402-8528 to schedule your roof restoration today. We are here for all your commercial roofing requirements.

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The goal of Dimensional Roofing and Diagnostics is to provide the most durable roof to our clients. We are here to assist with all your roof repair services in Lake Brownwood, TX. If you need a durable, dependable roof that will withstand any storm, we have the products and experience needed to install it. Give us a call at (512) 402-8528 or review our list of services below for more information. We’re here to help you find an answer for all your roofing problems.