What Are the Different Types of Guttes

There are different kinds of rain gutters that can be installed by Austin roofers according to your choice. The construction, replacement or repair of majority of the gutters depends on the size, color, shape and the type that would suit the rest of the house and the roof the most. Roofers Austin makes sure that they stick to what the customer wants before working on the type of gutter.

The major types of gutters suggested by roofing contractors in Austin are as follows:

  • The first kind is a rough integral trough that goes along the lines of the lower edge of the slope of the roof. The material that can be used to make this gutter can be similar to that of the roof material or any other flashy material
  • The next kind of gutter used to transport rain water is a discrete trough. This one runs along the lines of a slope of the roof and around the roof edges. Metal or similar kind of material is used to make these types of gutters.
  • The last kind of gutter is made under the edges of the roof. These were used in the olden times.

An exceptional type of gutter is installed inside the edges of the roof. This way the gutters are unseen. But the requirement of a roof repair Austin could be high in such cases.