What Are the Different Types of Roof Hooks?

There are majorly 3 different kinds of roof hooks known. These roof hooks are mainly made of steel. Ask if your Austin roofers offer high reflective roof products etc. to get hold on to a good quote on roof hooks. The Austin roof repair packages by Dimensional Roofing are worth a try. Our commercial roofers provide PVC roofing in Austin and many other variations. Infrared testing by our roofing company Austin is another valuable service.


A small description to the different kinds of roof hooks has been mentioned below:

  • The first is the Werner Ladder, which is a folding roof hook. This is permanently installed to the ladder. It has springs and opens to the angle of 90 degrees. But the major drawback to this kind of roof hook is that it might injure your roof shingle and hence damage it for good.
  • The second most popular kind of ladder can also be attached to a ladder and it does not interfere with the working of the shingles. This variety is made in China and can be easily purchased from a roofer. But two are needed to make sure that it functions.
  • Acro roofing is known to provide the best kind of roof hooks. Only one roof hook is sufficient to support the ladder. This roof hook is manufactured in the US and is known to be the best in its kind.

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