Getting the Most From Your Exterior Renovations

When getting a home remodel, many people only think about the interior renovations and often forget about the exterior renovations. If you are looking to boost your curb appeal and instantly get people’s attention, then exterior renovations are where you want to focus your attention. For increased property value and curb appeal, getting exterior renovations to your Austin, TX home like new roofing or siding by Austin, TX are great choices. Call Dimensional Roofing and Diagnostics at (512) 402-8528 to schedule your appointment today.

Common Exterior Home Renovations

house on hill with porch and walkway

Porches, Walkways, Landscaping, and New Windows and Roofing Are Common Exterior Renovations Projects

A lot of homeowners opt for the 80s house exterior makeover, as their home is either outdated or in need of major repairs due to age. You will often find that homes built from decades ago that had infamous decor trends (wood panel walls from the 70s, anyone?) are the ones most targeted in terms of interior and exterior renovations. You don’t have to go extreme with your exterior house renovation, either.

If you are just looking to boost curb appeal or increase property value on an already-high selling house, then a few simple changes are all that are needed to help you cash in big time. Big sellers include landscaping, getting new durable roofing like synthetic tile installation, and touching up the siding of the house with new panels or update the stucco exterior with fresh coats of paint. Exterior home makeovers vary widely in price depending on the scale of what all homeowners choose to have done to their residence. Major exterior renovations will cost anywhere from $5,000 to $30,000 with the average exterior remodel cost being around $10,000 for most people.

Exterior Remodel Ideas

  • Adding or removing porches: Whether it is the addition of a full porch or a little walkway up to the door, porches help to train the eye up to the entrance of the door. No porch makes the home just seem like it is sitting on a plot of land and doesn’t belong there.
  • Adding or removing shutters: Shutters can act at statement pieces to the exterior of a home, or they can help to take away the beauty of it. Some shutters simply don’t match the overall window design or decorating style and just need a revamped look. Other times, complete removal is the best option to really make a home shine.
  • Painting brick: Considered a controversial topic in the exterior renovations realm, for a bold, affordable, and easily changeable difference, painting brick is always an option. A brick house exterior makeover is a surefire way to make a noticeable change when remodeling your home.
  • Statement entry door: Sometimes changing an entry door is all that is needed to make a house look completely different. Door frame the home, and upgrading from a drab single panel door to a grand double-panel door can help center the home and make it look more inviting.
  • Add dormer windows: For small homes that are simple in design, adding dormer windows to the roof can help create the illusion of a second story. This exterior renovation idea is great for when there is not much that can be transformed to a house or for homeowners on a tight budget.
  • Install outdoor lighting: From overhead porch lights to inground lights leading up the walkway to the front porch, there are many exterior lighting designs to choose from. You are not limited to only exterior lighting options for the front of your home either, as many of the best outdoor lighting displays are found in backyards to create cozy atmospheres that really help to boost curb appeal and property value.
  • Add or remove landscaping: Landscaping is a huge aesthetic bonus for people when shopping for a house. While most of the time, landscaping increases the appeal of your home, there are times when it can do the opposite. For example, if there are large trees blocking the view of your house, you can benefit chances of selling your home at a higher cost and boosting your curb appeal better by having them removed.

Things To Consider When Exterior Remodeling

While there are many benefits to exterior renovation like improved security, better energy efficiency, increased property value, and better curb appeal, there are some common problems that a lot of people run into that are worth mentioning. If you are needing exterior renovation for your Austin, TX home involving roofing, call Dimensional Roofing and Diagnostics at (512) 402-8528 today.

white house with red shutters

Exterior Renovations To Your Home Like Painting The Shutters Or Changing the Siding Make Big Differences

  • Make a budget. A lot of people end up going way over their budget when they are renovating the exterior of their home. This is because more ideas keep coming to you and you keep seeing more designs that resemble your dream home, making you want to purchase them. It is not until the end of the exterior renovation project that you realize you are $10-20,000 over budget.
  • Know why you are renovating. Are you looking to simply change the appearance of your home for your own aesthetic tastes or are you looking to increase property value? Knowing why you are planning to fix up your home can help you make smarter exterior renovation plans and purchases and can keep you from making impulse buys.
  • Prepare for unforeseen costs. Accidents will happen, and disasters will occur. Hopefully they are minor, easily repairable, and affordable, but it is always important to have extra money stored aside for emergencies. Your exterior renovation could result in hitting an underground water pipeline that floods your home and ruin flooring and other possessions, or mishandled tools could result in fire damage.
  • Research your contractors. Don’t hire the first person you see, but instead get references, check reviews and complaints, and study up on their portfolio. A professional and experienced contractor will not overcharge you, will have firm deadlines, warranties, licenses and bonding, and insurance in writing to protect both them and you. They will also know how and when to get the right construction permits for the exterior renovation project.