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When it comes to a sturdy roofing system for your house or business, having a roof that is stable enough to make it through storms and turbulent weather is required. Nevertheless, lots of buildings have roofing systems installed that require a significant amount of maintenance that can be difficult to keep up with for some customers. We provide many different kinds of roofing materials here at Dimensional Roofing and Diagnostics, but standing seam metal roofs are one of the more popular installations we do. If you are interested in learning more about our standing seam metal roof installation in Austin, TX, call us now at (512) 402-8528 to speak to any of our helpful associates!

Benefits of a Standing Seam Metal Roof Installation

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Standing Seam Metal Roofing Is Ideal For Both Commercial and Residential Roofs

One of the best features of standing seam metal roofs is that the panels lock together over the screws and bolts which keeps them from becoming exposed to the elements. The seams of a standing seam metal roof are waterproof so that rain, snow, and other elements cannot slip through. There is a multitude of standing seam metal roof styles to select from, and due to the makeup of the metal, these panels easily reflect heat and sunlight away from the surface of your roof. If you need a superior roofing system that includes energy savings benefits, a long lifespan, and little in the way of maintenance requirements, standing seam metal roofs are a good choice. With metal roofing, you can often expect tax breaks, as well as decreased insurance rates, in addition to a 50 year lifespan.

Dimensional Roofing and Diagnostics offers two different types of standing seam metal roof installation.  One of them is snap lock, where the panels are simply snapped together. The other is a much more complicated method of installation called mechanical lock.  This method involves the seams of the panels being folded over and then crimped together using a hand tool.  Sometimes, the crimping tool can be mechanically operated.

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Standing seam metal roofing might cost more initially versus a shingle roofing installation, however, the advantages ultimately pay for themselves. You can expect a metal roof to last even longer than almost all traditional roofing structures and to take less time for maintenance requirements too. Beyond your roof lasting longer, you will be better protected against severe storms, rain, and more. For professional standing seam metal roof installation in Austin, TX, contact our team at (512) 402-8528 to get started on your new roof. At Dimensional Roofing and Diagnostics, we maintain one of the most experienced roofing teams here in Austin, and our metal roof installers are prepared and at your service!