Texa Windstorm Certificate Compliance

Roof That Would Not Qualify for a Texas Windstorm Certificate

Let Us Help You Repair Your Roof to Meet the Criteria for a Texas Windstorm Certificate.

Living along the coast puts your home at a greater risk of wind damage from hurricanes and other strong storms. For many homeowners in these areas, getting adequate wind insurance for an affordable price can be very difficult. The Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (TWIA) provides windstorm insurance for residents and business owners in Aransas, Calhoun, Jefferson and surrounding counties along the Texas Gulf Coast. In order to receive insurance from TWIA, your home or building must be eligible for a Texas windstorm certificate that states your home or business meets all the proper building codes. When a storm does hit, you will need to have your home repaired by a TWIA compliant company. Dimensional Roofing and Diagnostics is a TWIA compliant roofing company who knows how to make the repairs necessary to receive a Texas windstorm certificate in Austin, TX and surrounding areas. Give us a call today at (512) 402-8528 to schedule your appointment.

Texas Windstorm Certificate Requirements


The TWIA Provides Windstorm Insurance For Homes and Businesses that Qualify.

The Texas Department of Insurance requires that all repairs, construction, or structural alterations and additions completed after January 1, 1988, must have a Certificate of Compliance to certify that the building meets the proper windstorm building codes. Dimensional Roofing and Diagnostics understands all the state building codes and we are able to complete the repairs on your roof so as to earn your home or business a Texas windstorm certificate. We are here to help you through the process of filing a claim with the TWIA to ensure the inspection and repairs are completed to their satisfaction. We will even tarp off the roof to prevent further damage while you wait to hear back from them regarding the damage to your roof or home. Let us help you earn a Texas windstorm certificate for your roof and keep your home or business insured by the TWIA.

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The TWIA exists to provide windstorm insurance to homeowners and business in areas that receive several severe windstorms a year or are at risk of a hurricane. In order to ensure the safety of the homeowners and durability of buildings, the TWIA has many specific requirements that must be met in the building and repair of your home or business after a windstorm. Dimensional Roofing and Diagnostics understand the nuances of these requirements and we offer precise repairs that will allow your home or commercial structure to qualify for a Texas windstorm certificate in Austin, TX. Contact our office today at (512) 402-8528 for help filing your wind damage insurance claim.