Pros and Cons of Using Concrete Tile Roofs

While you have a number of choices for roofs, it is very important to know the pros and cons of each and every type of roof before you get onto purchasing them. Concrete tiles have been very recently been added to the category of roofing materials. There are a large number of varieties that comes with concrete tile roofs. You can have professional roofers Austin in giving you sound advice on the one that would suit your house the most.

Cement is the base of the manufacture of concrete tile roofs. They can be found with a coating of plastics, enamel, metals and other kinds of recycled materials. There are a number of benefits of concrete tile roofs. Some of them are as follows:

  1. They are long lasting.
  2. They are efficient in their goals.
  3. You will not need frequent roof repair in Austin jobs with this one.
  4. With a special coat from your Austin roofers, they can be more resistant towards insects.
  5. They are resistant towards fire and have the ability to give a reflection of wood.
  6. You can also have your roofing contractors in Austin give you the kind of concrete roofs that give the look of clay tiles. While they have low weight also.

Some of the disadvantages are:

  1. They are expensive.
  2. The material can curl up.
  3. The color might change with time.

Hence before you get onto selecting the type of roof you want, weigh your choices well.