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Skylight windows are designed to improve the lighting in your home. They are often installed in rooms that are poorly lit and feel cramped or unwelcoming. Once the installation is complete, these spaces seem more opening and inviting. Unfortunately, skylight windows are prone to damage and aging just like all the other parts of your home. When they wear out, a skylight can cause serious damage to your roof, ceiling or flooring. If you have noticed signs that your skylight window is starting to age, contact Dimensional Roofing and Diagnostics at (512) 402-8528 and schedule an appointment for skylight window replacement in Austin, TX.

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We Also Offer Repair Services for Your Skylight Windows.

Most people don’t have their skylight windows inspected or maintenance very often. This means that by the time you start noticing problems with your skylight, those problems are already big enough to warrant skylight window replacement. The next time you have your roof inspected, be sure to have the roofer examine the skylight window. In the meantime, here are some signs to look for to determine if your skylight window is in failing condition.

There’s a Draft: When skylight windows are installed, they are sealed to the roof to prevent both air and water leaks. If you feel a draft whenever you walk beneath your skylight window, it could mean that this seal is broken or damaged somehow.

Water Damage: When a skylight window starts leaking, the first place you will notice the damage is in the ceiling around the window. If you start seeing water spots on the ceiling or notice water dripping, contact our office for skylight window replacement as soon as possible.

Broken Window: Generally speaking it takes a lot to break a skylight window. These windows are made from strong, durable, reinforced glass that can withstand a great deal of force. Unfortunately, severe weather may be stronger than your skylight window.

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If your skylight window has been damaged by a storm, or is beginning to show signs of aging, contact our office at (512) 402-8528. We will perform an inspection to determine the extent of the problem and recommend repairs or replacement. Our staff is very experienced at many types of window installation and we are here to assist with your skylight window replacement in Austin, TX.