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What Does Roof Coating Do?

Acrylic Roof Coating Sprayed on a Metal System

A Replacement Alternative

Considering the time, money, and effort that goes into roof replacement, it’s no wonder businesses avoid it like the plague. There comes a time in every roof’s lifetime however, where repairs grow more expensive and frequent. You can either continue pouring money into the problem, or you can replace the roof years ahead of schedule.

Actually, there is a third option. It’s one that many companies love because it extends the life of their roof while coating down on maintenance costs. Today, we’ll discuss roof coating solutions, what they are, and why you should care. By the end of our talk, you should have a clear picture of how a coating might benefit your business. Let’s dive in!

What are Roof Coatings?

As the name suggest, roof coatings cover the surface of your rooftop. They supply three crucial benefits for your building: repair, resistance, and reflection. When a professional roofer covers over the flat or sloped surface of your roof with a coating, the first thing you’ll notice is a deeply restorative process as the material sinks into those cracks, small holes, and abrasions.

Second, you’ll notice fewer incidents of this wear and tear, because an elastomeric roof coating – the term elastomeric refers to the material flexibility – provides substantial protection against weathering. That durability makes it much easier to maintain over time. Generally, you can expect these coatings to last about 10 years before it needs replacement.

Leak Prevention

Does Roof Coating Stop Leaks?

Yes! The typical causes of leaks in flat roofs are material seams, which wear down after years of exposure. Leaks get especially troublesome with tape covered seams. However, a roof coating creates a solid, seamless layer of protection on top of the existing material. At the same time, the hardening liquid gently settles into any existing cracks and mends them.

The end result: outstanding leak protection and resistance against standing water. The waterproofing is so strong, that many businesses have their new buildings coated (after all the foundation work and new construction plumbing, of course). It’s a smart precaution for roofing systems vulnerable to heavy rain.

Energy Savings

Do Reflective Roof Coatings Work?

The vast majority of businesses choose a white or light-colored hue for their roof coating. Why? Because lighter colors provide substantially better light reflection, which reduces the amount of heat penetrating below. Put simply, this dramatically reduces your daily energy consumption (thanks to reduced cooling needs).

With a capable layer of insulation supporting your new coating from below, you’ll experience some very exciting savings!


How Much Does Roof Coating Cost?

Coating ranges based on your chosen material, the installer, and the size of your roof. You may also need to pay extra to mend any significant damage beforehand. The rooftop also must be thoroughly cleaned and primed before the coating.

While you should always get an estimate from your installer, most coating jobs will run in the low to mid thousands (more for larger roofs). However, this is still significantly cheaper than tearing down and replacing your roof early. If you extend the life of your current system beyond its predicted lifespan, that’s even more savings for you.


How Do You Apply Roof Coatings?

Most products can be applied via sprayer, once the surface has been properly cleaned. Others need to be installed via roller. Depending on your chosen material, the surface may require a primer for maximum adhesion.

Which Roof Coating is Best?

There are many types of coating. The most popular types of elastomeric roof coatings are:

  • Acrylics
  • Butyl
  • Polyurethane
  • Silicone

What is the best elastomeric roof coating? That depends on your type of rooftop. Acrylics work well for sloped roofs, because they last a long time and provide powerful sunlight reflection. Silicone and polyurethane are much better for flat roofs, because they can easily handle ponding water. Silicone often takes top billing however, because it does an excellent job of mending the existing roof below.

Roof Coating vs Replacement

For a mostly healthy roof with several years left on its expected lifetime, roof coating offers a very cost-effective option. You’ll get to avoid tear down for up to 10 years. If you’ve ever gone through tearing down a rooftop, you’ll know it’s a messy process.

Then there are all the additional perks of a reflective coating: improved energy efficiency, stronger weather protection, greater resistance from corrosion, and more. Not every roof is eligible for coating, but those that are can typically benefit greatly!

Beads of Water Forming on Rooftop Material

Get Your Estimate on Roof Coating!

So, is roof coating any good? Undeniably! If you can save thousands of dollars, extend the life of your rooftop, and reduce your overall maintenance costs, isn’t that worth looking into?

Our team at Dimensional Roofing and Diagnostics would love to provide you with more information about roof coating in Austin, TX! You can talk with our seasoned roofing experts and learn which solution works best for your company (or home). Simply give us a call at (512) 402-8528.