Types of Roof Valleys and Ridges

Sloped roofs are one of the most complex types of roofs. And when there are more than one sloped roofs on a house, the results is a creation of a number of roof valleys and roof ridges. Ridges are the external peaks, the place where two sloping of planes meet. On the other hand, valleys are places where the internal parts of sloping planes meet. Hence, ridges and valleys require a lot of attention and hard work on the part of roofing contractors in Austin.

There are two kinds of ridges i.e. ridge beam and hip rafter ridge. The former is the basic beam that supports the peaks of the roof. They are also the places where the sloping planes meet. These are the highest part. They connect one end of the roof to the other. These are covered by specific shingles. The latter on the other hand are the ones that make the slope of the hips. They connect the eaves on the corners of the building to the ridge beams.

There are two types of roof valleys i.e. open valley and woven and closed cut valleys. The latter give a woven feel to the roof due to the overlapping of the shingles from one valley to the other. The direction is one and they are closed at all ends. The former on the other hand do not have shingles at all. Metal flashing is used to cover the valleys.

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